Penn Journal

The feminist journal “Penn (Woman) Journal” has been published by Suriya since 1996. Currently, we publish 2 issues annually dealing with a variety of women’s rights issues, providing voice and space for women writers to express their views. Penn Magazine has been recognised as an important Tamil language journal and has been regularly referred to in the mainstream media television programs regarding women’s rights.  Several women editors have emerged with a feminist approach through our work with the Women Writers’ Group.

Suriya publishes 4 newsletters annually. Our newsletters have been used widely by other organizations and individuals for their planning, campaigns and research.

The following resource materials published by Suriya are available…

  • Penn Journal (Tamil)
  • Newsletter(Tamil)

Poetry compilations

  • Let the Poems Speak(Tamil, Sinhala and English)


  • Penkalin Nilam : A study about women’s land rights in the post-tsunami resettlement process in Batticaloa – (Tamil Sinhala and English 2010)
  • Women Responding to Disasters: Challenges and Experiences from South Asia (English, Sinhala and Tamil 2007)
  • History of the Women’s Coalition for Disaster Management (English)
  • “Joining the Dots” – Monitoring Report on Socio -Economic Rights of Women in Displacement/Resettlement (in collaboration with WMC/APWW – English)

Policy documents

  • Memorandum to the President on women land and housing rights in the post tsunami rebuilding process May 2005
  • Policy Brief “My Work! My Time! My Value? Women’s economic work in the informal and care economy” – (Tamil and English)


  •  “Treating Cancer with Bandaid? The Theoretical Underpinnings of Women in Development” in Reversed Realities: Gender Hierarchies in Development Thought by Naila Kabeer 2005
  • What Men Can Do? (English, translation in Tamil by Suriya)

Video materials

  • Carrying Hands (a short documentary film by Suriya staff on women’s work in the informal and care economy – Tamil with English subtitles)
  • My Time!, My Work!, My Value? (a short documentary film by Suriya staff on women’s work in the informal and care economy –  Tamil with English subtitles)
  • Women migrant workers’ rights (a short documentary film by Suriya Women’s Development Centre – Tamil and English 2013)