Our Philosophy

Suriya’s work is based on a social justice approach which aims to create an equitable and peaceful society.  As the feminist theorist, Naila Kabeer, articulates this includes working towards freedom, equality, tolerance and solidarity. This means directly addressing social exclusion and marginalisation of women in terms of economic rights, ethnic identities, violence and abuse, poverty and voice.

Globally, it is recognised that universal and lasting peace can be established only if it is based upon social justice.  Therefore, in order to ensure women’s rights and justice in a post conflict context we have developed an integrated approach that addresses violence against women and human rights, along with women’s empowerment and economic rights, as well as working on identity politics and culture.

Our work incorporates interventions at the individual level with work done to change discriminatory socio – cultural norms, as well as to bring about structural change and policy/legal reform.