Cultural Activism

Suriya has over the years used different cultural mediums to raise awareness and create a discourse on women’s rights issues. Using creative spaces and cultural mediums have provided us with the opportunity to discuss very sensitive issues even throughout the years of war. Suriya was one of the first women’s groups in the East to have an all-women theatre group performing on the streets and in other public spaces using forum theatre and street theatre techniques.   Our members use songs, poetry, fiction writing, script writing, posters and banners to complement their Tamil street theatre and drama productions.

We have invested in a few key members of our Cultural Group to take on a leadership role within the group as it is often not possible to maintain the same members for the long term.  Our core members have worked with cultural groups in India and are well trained and conceptually strong.  They are often called upon to perform in public spaces by government officials, NGO’s, women’s groups and at local exhibits. Performances are often followed by lively discussing on women’s rights with te public.